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Tapered War Belt

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 We do not have any tapered was belts at this time. We have no ETA. We have tuned on the inventory so that you may order them. Ordering them now is considered a pre order and is NON REFUNDABLE! 

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S.O.E. Tactical Gear is proud to present the next generation of Modular War Belt. Our new tapered War Belt is the pinnacle of comfort, fit, and advanced performance in load carriage. Padded with closed cell foam and designed to fit to your natural curvature and cofrom to activity and movement without slipping or sagging, the Tapered War Belt reinvents how you carry your first line gear.

The Tapered War Belt is lined front to back with genuine CoolMax material to improve ventilation and keep the waist cool, reducing the chances of chafing or overheating. Our design gradually progresses from 3.5" height to 4.5" height in the back, providing a more natural, hugging shape that sits more naturally on your hips. This allows your body's most stable platform to take the weight load of your first line gear more effectively, reducing or eliminating fatigue from belt-mounted kit and lessening the perceived weight of your gear.

The Original S.O.E. Gear Tapered War Belt is designed to take advantage of our Suspenders, which distributes the weight of your first line kit even more efficiently--combined, they are quite possibly that "perfect" solution you've been looking for.

The Tapered War Belt is covered in full grid PALS, and with four rows in the rear pouches are able to be mounted at different heights, vastly improving comfort for your particular situation, no matter what vehicle you're in and out of all day. These also come standard with our well-known belt access slots, allowing you to wear dropleg panels or holsters without any fuss or difficulty, and access quick release hangers with ease.

You will need to order a 1.75"  Cobra Belt with velcro liner that is 2" larger than the War Belt you are ordering:


Sizing: Order your Tapered War Belt by your current pants size. If you wear size 36" waist pants, buy a size 36" belt. If you wear a 33", you can order a size 32" or 34" belt, based on your preference of more exposed front/buckle access or closer front sections. Difference will be minor.

Specifications: Genuine 1000 Denier Cordura nylon. Genuine CoolMax interior facing.