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 These are the words of some of our satisfied customers, no holds barred -- we let them speak for themselves.

I've taken John Willis's gear into harm's way since 1997. First while in the Navy at SEAL Team and then as a Security Contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan. OG SOE Gear is my number one choice for tactical gear for war. I cannot rely on his competitors cheap knockoffs when rolling deep in the Bad Lands.

John Willis is the master, everyone else is just making shitty reproductions.

He takes care of the boys at the pointy end of the spear first and often out of his own pocket.

Everything J.W. makes is custom...

- Ben Thomas, former US Navy SEAL and private security contractor

Original SOE Gear is the best tactical gear company out there, bar none! John Willis' attention to detail and drive to outfit operators with only the best, most bomb proof gear secures his spot as the greatest custom gear company on the PLANET.

- "MS", active duty US Navy SEAL operator

John Willis builds the toughest fucking gear on Earth.

- James Yeager, Tactical Response Institute founder and instructor; former private security contractor.

As a Marine Grunt we couldn't just go to supply and get what we needed, often we went without (or with a mile of riggers tape and ziptie's). But when my buddies, who were 0321's (Recon) and 8541's (Scout Snipers) started working retail for John Willis, we realized the untapped resource that it was and its potential.

We could waste precious libo hours searching for overpriced foreign shit, if not making ourselves, or we could drop by that shop with all the netting and POW flag and find what we needed. Before long they were running SOE modded Mountain Rucks, drag bag's, patrol vests, and ghillie bases.

To this day, pictures of these same buddies are used in advertisements for both SOE and Strider Knives. If John didn't have it, and if I could draw it, he could make it. One day I jumped off of the M305 troop transport (bus) and walked in to ask about watch bands. 40 minutes later I had a tow strap holding my Gshock to my wrist. That man sold me then and there... Seven, almost eight years later and it has stood the test that is my existence.

On deployment, we were issued pistols. Something we were ill prepared for. I walked down to the Recon berthing and talked to their "in house" SOE rep and two weeks later he walks up and hands me a SOE manbag/discrete case, that was hardy enough to carry the M9, but also 200rds of ammo and a me-sized E Rat. John Willis is a wizard with a needle and thread. He will never sacrifice quality for quantity. Even though an item might be in stock, it was crafted for that custom, walk-in shopper who just stepped off of the M305 troop transport.

- Chad, a soggy wet boat company grunt, USMC

These days Murphy is with you all the time, ready to kick your ass! You definitely have to worry about other things than your gear when you are out in the field, whether you are a REMF or a high speed operator. Lifetime guarantee is fine; sitting in the middle of nowhere knowing your fucked up gear will be fixed really helps. I don't want a guarantee, I want gear that needs no guarantee. I wanted gear that goes beyond all possible, so I don't have to worry about it and can concentrate on the job. I have found JW's stuff to suit all these needs in every way I can think of!

John Willis' work stands for, but not limited to toughness, durability and versatility. It is a good feeling that I can trust my gear blindly, can you do that too?

Stop thinking about it, buy his ass kicking shit and do your job good, there are comrades counting on you!

- Florian, Bundeswehr