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FAQ - John Willis

This FAQ page is focused on the man, the myth, the legend, part time cult leader, full time gear building badass, the Versace of Velcro, the HMFIC...

John "Mother Fucking" Willis


  • What belt does John wear everyday?
  • What knife does John carry?
    • Depends on his mood and the day...
  • Is the couch for sale?
  • Why doesn't John shave his beard?
    • Why do you care what another man grows on his face, also his wife likes it.
  • Do men use the piss vent or not?
    • Absolutely Not! If they do, they probably sit to pee as well!
  • Are you the guy from slayer?
    • I'll never tell...
  • Who taught you to sew?
  • Do you ever sleep?
    • Nope
    • Seriously, why does it matter? Half the guys asking that were bitching about lead times the day before...
  • How long did it take to grow your beard?
    • I don't know, but if I shaved it off, it would be back like this in less than a year.
  • What are the shorts that John wears that he talks about being hard to get?