Original S.O.E. Gear is proud to have our products in use in every corner of the globe. Our belief that we produce the best gear in the world, and our famous slogan, "We have a lifetime warranty that you will never need," are put to the test daily in hotspots all over the world.

Our cities at home are protected by men and women of the law wearing our duty gear. Iraq? Afghanistan? Original S.O.E. Gear is there, on the backs of servicemen and women from every branch of the armed forces. From Europe to Asia to South America and Africa, Original S.O.E. Gear is helping hard working men and women secure freedom.

We cannot take credit for the bravery and work of these fine men and women, but we can share their images with you. All over the world, where people fight for freedom or uphold the law, Original S.O.E. Gear is there.