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Stacked Micro Rig



This is the fastest, most compact rig available 7" tall x 10.5" wide. Don't let the small footprint fool you, this rig can hold an amazing amount of gear.

Two (2) stacked mag pouches will hold four (4) m4 or AK mags bullets down or up.  Loops on bottom for pocket smokes. These mag pouch provides two methods of retention: removable bungee and Velcro. These shingle feature an interior completely lined in loop Velcro. By attaching a 1" x 1" piece of hook Velcro to the magazine, you ensure complete retention. Just as a heads up, any more than a 1" x 1" piece of Velcro on the magazine will not let you remove the magazine without significant effort.

 This updated rig features a compact tear off medical pouch. Each pouch features two ways to retain magazines: loop velcro lining and bungee tabs on top.

 The entire panel is a flat pocket with 9" long loop velcro for attaching most of our Velcro Backed Pistol Mag Cards

 Comes with standard adjustable webbing shoulder straps. We recommend adding a Slim Padded H-Harness for extra comfort and the ability to add a Hydration Carrier.

 Sizing: One size fits all.

Specifications: Genuine Cordura nylon

Left or right hand? Ordering a right hand rig means you are right hand dominate. That means the shells or mags will be on the left side of your body while wearing this is micro rig.