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Slim Padded H-Harness


We see posts on forums all the time about guys having chest rigs with straps and wanting a padded set. SOE started offering their padded slim line H-set (originally only offered on their NSW gear) that comes on all their chest rigs for sale separately. So if you have a micro rig or old school S.O.E., a copy, or just another brand you can now have the comfort and features that comes with the H-set.

They have two (2) pieces of pals on the lower front shoulders. You can attach a small pouch but this was really put there to attach a tourniquet, small light, or strobe. They have two (2) elastic pieces on the left shoulder to route com wires. There are also two (2) pieces of pals further back on the harness to mount our Hydration Carrier.

The piece running behind the neck that holds the two sides together has Velcro so they are adjustable. They have several rows of stitching on each side so if a guy is too small for them he can cut them and then burn them with a soldering iron to sear the webbing closed and the Velcro will not pull off due to this stitching.


Please note that you will need to use a Slim Padded H Harness in order to use a Hydration Carrier with any of our chest rigs.

We are no longer making custom h-sets to fit other brands of chest rigds. Our will fit every chest/micro rig that we make. It has 4 1.5" webbing straps (one on each corner) and uses 1.5" male hardware. So to work with a different rig other than SOE your rig will need female 1.5" hardware sewn onto your rig.

Sizing: One size fits all.

Specifications:Genuine 500 Denier Cordura nylon

Available Colors: