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1.75" Rigger's Belt Without Velcro Lining - Sizes 26" to 34"


The Save Your Ass belt. The fast rope first line. The rigger's belt. Whatever you call it, John Willis' reinforced, top quality rigger's belt is what should immediately come to mind. Each belt is individually sized to the end user and sewn to exacting specifications--the result is an incredibly sturdy load-bearing first line belt that many men and women have placed their faith in...and they should; John has towed a Humvee with one, with an audience! Original S.O.E. Gear and their satisfied customers stand behind this belt a hundred and ten percent; no compromise, it will be the sturdiest and most comfortable piece of save your ass base gear you buy, and probably the last.

Sizing: Made to user specifications for waist sizes starting as small as possible and all the way up the chart with 1.75" webbing.

We recommend a belt the same size as your pants. If you wear 32" pants then order a 32" belt. These belts will adjust outward several inches but don't get much smaller than the size you order. So if you are planning to lose weight soon order a belt a size smaller and it will still adjust outward a couple inches to currently fit you but you will be able to make it smaller later on.

Do I Need A Velcro Liner or Not?
We get a lot of questions about whether or not a velcro liner is needed. The velcro liner is there so that all SOE (and most other manufactures) belt attachable pouches have oposing velcro to mate together and prevent the pouches from sliding side to side. If you are only using kydex holsters and mag pouches you do not need the velcro lines. Adding the velcro liner will make the belt a little bit stiffer.

Specifications: 1.75" Type 7R resin-impregnated reinforced material

If you want a different color of thread other than the matching color of the belt you need to add it here:


Available Colors: