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Rallyman Vest/ LBV

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Our Rallyman Vest is one of our oldest designs, dating back over 20 years and developed by John for use by US military personnel. It combines our trademark bombproof construction with the natural advantages of a vest; we see common orders for these even today, when chest rigs are the hottest ticket around.

Convenient to don and doff with our front fastex closure, these are able to be worn over cold weather gear, up-sized armor, drysuits and wetsuits, or almost any other requirement, thanks to the 36" of expandability. Its abrasion-resistant mesh base keeps you cooler, without allowing for hotspots to form and create uncomfortable pockets of sweat, which cause chafing. The vest is in contact with more of your body, and its larger surface area provides a more stable, movement-free foundation--just like a good grip on a pistol. Because of this, we see them purchased commonly by airborne troopers and similar positions, where stability during dynamic movement, especially aerial jumps, is absolutely key and non-negotiable.

The Rallyman Vest has Three (3) rows and four (4) columns of PALS on either side, behind four (4) Rallyman Magazine Pouches. In addition, several variants are available for customers preferring the weight-reduction and stability of sewn-in pouches. Like all of our gear, the Rallyman Vest is backed by our lifetime guarantee--the one guarantee you'll never need to use!

Each panel contains a large internal pocket, as does the back panel. We have also integrated routing points for com wires, hydration tubes, and flex cuffs. The back panel also includes a drag handle you can actually use as intended, there's absolutely no chance of it failing when it's needed.

 Loadout: Each of the four (4) rallyman pockets will hold three (3) AR mags, two (2) m14/g3/fal mags, 2 AK mags, 16 rounds of 12 gauge (on optional 12 Gauge Pull Out Tray), six (6) M1 Garand clips (on optional M1 Garand Clip Pull Out Tray), or an HC/CS Smoke Grenade.

Sizing: Fits all.