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NSW Admin Panel

Sold out

We're extremely proud to bring out our new Original S.O.E. Gear NSW Admin Panel. Developed for customers currently deployed with US Naval Special Warfare, this panel was carefully planned to maximize utility without stealing real estate or creating unnecessary bulk.

We worked carefully with our customers to provide a solution to their needs, and we're very satisfied with the result.

The internals of the NSW Admin Panel are designed around the goal of enabling the shooter to control the details of a mission from one single point on his gear, maximizing field efficiency. We've included a light pouch, and several flat pockets for small notebooks, comm frequency or rifle dope or phrase cards, or maps. There's also pen slots, chemlight loops, and elastic retention for mission-specific tools or gear, including anything from visegrips and wire clippers to cellphones or power bars. An internal velcro panel is included to allow for valuable equipment, such as GPS units, to be mounted directly to the flap via adhesive velcro.

Externally, the admin pouch is covered in PALS, mitigating any loss of space. We've also included a loop velcro patch for nametapes or patches.

Sizing: Approximinately 7"Tx7"L. Carries a variety of operational gear including documents, lights, and small electronics.

Specifications:Genuine 1000 Denier Cordura nylon

Available Colors: