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Netbook Sleeve

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We've got your netbook covered with our new netbook sleeves.

These have light padding. They are not closed cell foam, not water proof, not dipshit proof. They are soft and lightly padded inside. They have airmesh inside which is what we use on the tapered war belts.

We made them to go inside the new bags that are velcro lined so all ship with dual removable double sided hook velcro to mate in place. We liked carrying different devices in them and guys started asking for just the sleeves without the bags. They work nice as stand alone units and will fit in many other velcro lined bags like the Mookie War Bag.

The sleeves ship with dual sided hook velcro to attach into bags. This velcro is removable so if you use this without a bag the velcro doesn't catch on everthing.

The Netbook Sleeves should hold most 9" and 10" models of netbooks.

Available Colors: