LPAK: Low Profile Aid Kit


We do not have any LPAK's at this time. We have no ETA. We have tuned on the inventory so that you may order them. Ordering them now is considered a pre order and is non refundable.


Perfect for attaching on back of armor or on front and then placing mag pouches on top. 10" wide x 8" tall and 1.5" deep when loaded up. Will hold one (1) 4" to 6" izzy or similar dressing, one (1) Quick clot battle gauze or H&H gauze, two (2) CAT2 TQ's or similar sized TQ's, one (1) NPA and one (1) 14Ga needle. The packed med tray can be pulled out from either left or right side.

**Does not come pre stocked. Items for display and demonstration only**

Available Colors:



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