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Compact Tear-Off Med Pouch


 If you want one in horizontal, order a vertical and put in the notes section that you want a vertical.

 Our Compact Tear-Off Med Pouch is one of the most important parts of any complete loadout. At home on either a pack or a rig, it is designed to make administering critical aid to allies convenient, fast, and organized--leaving you to get directly to work when seconds matter most!

One of the drawbacks of the smaller rigs we are currently producing is that there is just not enough space to attach one of our Tear-Off IFAK pouches, since they use 4 columns of PALS. We made up this pouch to solve that problem! It's not quite as big as its larger brother, but it will cover all the bases with ease.

This pouch will hold an H-Bandage or "Izzy," Quikclot Combat Gauze, NPA and 14-gauge needle, and a tourniquet. The tourniquet attaches to either side of the pouch. If you'd like, you can attach a tourniquet on each side, as well as jam a third in there.

With some creative stuffing, you can fit more in, but the whole reason we made this rig is to keep a clean simple medical kit on the operator without much room to spare.

**Does not come pre-stocked. Items for display and demonstration only**