Coffee Claymore Bag


We do not have any Coffee Claymore Bags at this time. We have no ETA. We have tuned on the inventory so that you may order them. Ordering them now you agree to this as this is considered a pre order and is NON REFUNDABLE.



Medium sized bag. Main compartment 9.5w x 9t x 2.5d , Velcro in front and back wall inside, will hold 3 one pound bags of coffee beans. 

Two pockets on the front 4.5w x 7.5t x 2.5d will each hold one 1 pound bag of coffee. 

The velcro lining on the main compartment will work well with any of our Velcro backed pistol cards and adjustable velcro holster.

Has removable shoulder strap for ease in carrying.

Large strip of loop velcro for patches and name tapes.

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