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1.75" Cobra Rigger's Belt With Velcro Lining - Size 56" to 60"


Pictures include optional V-Ring attachment point.

Easily one of our most popular items by a huge margin, the Original S.O.E. Gear Cobra Belt finally makes it to the wide market by customer demand! Our Cobra Rigger's belt is expertly crafted to be the ultimate in life-saving rigging equipment for everyone. Out quick-release, high-load buckle doesn't quit; we can hang amazing loads off of completed Cobra Belts and we are consistently astounded at the strength of these belts and quick release buckles.

Made with 1.75" wide webbing, the Cobra Rigger's Belt is a live load-bearing device capable of serving as an emergency extraction harness. It simply outdoes every other emergency cover-your-butt belt on the market today, and likely will continue to do so for quite some time to come. Our Cobra Belts come complete with sizing adjustment and stow-away triangle connector for emergency rigging. Simply put, our Cobra Belt is one of our favorite products, one of our customer's favorite products, and it will likely be your favorite belt.

The Original S.O.E. Cobra Rigger's Belt is in use by members of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and line troops around the globe.

Note: We cannot do the belts in Multicam or Army ACU. When wrapping the webbing in cordura, the belt is too thick to fit through the adjuster.

Sizing: The Original S.O.E. Gear Duty Belt is sized specifically to each end-user and can be manufactured in any size. Include sizing information when ordering.

We recommend a belt the same size as your pants. If you wear 32" pants then order a 32" belt. These belts will adjust outward several inches but don't get much smaller than the size you order. If you are planning to lose weight soon order a belt a size smaller and it will still adjust outward a couple inches to currently fit you, but you will be able to wear it smaller later on.

Do I Need A Velcro Liner or Not?
We get a lot of questions about whether or not a velcro liner is needed. The velcro liner is there so that all SOE (and most other manufactures) belt attachable pouches have oposing velcro to mate together and prevent the pouches from sliding side to side. If you are only using kydex holsters and mag pouches you do not need the velcro lines. Adding the velcro liner will make the belt a little bit stiffer.

Specifications: 1.75" 7R Resin Impregnated Reinforced Webbing; Quick Release "Cobra" Rig-Rated Buckles

If you want a different color of thread other than the matching color of the belt you need to add it here:


Available Colors: