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Chainsaw Workshop

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Class overview:

Running a chainsaw can be a dangerous and intimidating task. This class, taught by master arborist Chris Watkins, will empower you to know the how, what, and why behind chainsaw and equipment selection, tree and timber processing approaches (felling, limbing, cutting, milling, splitting, transporting, storing, seasoning), safety equipment and procedures, and much more. Come with your questions and be ready for a top class hands-on learning experience. 

Questions we will answer:

How can I use a chainsaw safely?

How do I sharpen and maintain my chainsaw?

Gas or electric chainsaw?

What size saw do I need?

How do I store my chainsaw, fuel and bar oil?

How do I prevent and treat injuries?

What safety equipment do I need?

Should I use a splitting axe or maul and sledge?

What is the difference between entry level machines and pro machines?

Is a firewood processor worth the investment? 

What size wood chipper do I need?

How do I decide whether to use a tree for lumber or firewood?

Meet your instructor: 

Hi, I’m Chris Watkins. I am a manager at Volunteer Vegetation Management. I got started in this industry of line clearance tree trimming and residential tree trimming and tree removal about 17 years ago. I’ve been married to my wonderful wife for 20 years, a father of 6 wonderful kids and grandfather to 2 wonderful grandchildren. I hope to bring value to people through the work I do, by teaching them how to be safety conscious while operating a chainsaw around their property.

Demo Equipment at This Event:

Wide Selection of Chainsaws from Stihl, Husqvarna, and Echo

Woodmizer Sawmill

Professional  Wood Chipper

Hydraulic Log Splitter like you would get from TSC, Lowes, or Home Depot.

Firewood processor from Wolf Ridge mManufacturing.

When and Where:

Class begins at 9:00AM CST on Saturday June 17, 2023

Special Operation Equipment

4631 US-70
Camden, TN 38320

On site camping available Friday night

Lunch will be provided.