Butt Pack

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Another item as old as Original S.O.E Gear, the Butt Pack is one of John Willis' earliest products, and except for a few updates here and there, it has been the same for over a decade.

The Butt Pack is designed to integrate to any of our vests or rigs, as well as to modular belts, or MOLLE vests and armor carriers. It is an all-purpose general storage pouch capable of carrying survival gear, medical equipment, comms products, and more -- customers have carried MREs into the field, water bladders, magazines, bxes of ammunition, and more. It remains one of our most popular items for its versatility.

It comes complete with two pop flare loops, an internal 8" drawstring rainfly, a zippered pocket built right into the lid (ideal for Clif bars, notepads, clotting agents and bandages, and more), and PALS on the front of the lid and the sides of the body, as well as the interfacing PALS grid on the rear.

The Butt Pack attaches via quick release fastex to our rigs and vests, or via PALS to other objects such as armor carriers or even backpacks. The back and lid have scuba webbing platform system to maintain shape under load and further strengthen our famous bombproof construction.


roughly 10" tall x 9.5" across x 6" deep Has a 6" draw string rain flay as well so these can be over stuffed.


Specifications:Genuine 1000 Denier Cordura nylon

Available Colors:

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$65.00 USD