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6x6 Utility Pouch


Many shooters, professional and civilian alike, cannot do without a modular general purpose pouch. There's literally no limit to the list of things that we see stuffed in these; from gloves and gaiters to magloaders and batteries, glasses and cleaning kits to ear protection and snacks. Because this is such a common item across law enforcement, military, and civilian shooters, it is also one of our most requested.

Our standard model comes with a flap-closure flat pocket on the exterior perfect for maps, documents, a tourniquet, or anything else; we also now offer a PALS front model for added real estate for shooters with unique mission profiles.

As usual, we're so confident in John's construction that we have a lifetime warranty that you will never need to use.

Sizing: 6"Wx6"Tx3"D; approximately 108ci.

Available Colors: