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12 ga Micro Rig


The same size as our ever-popular Micro-Rig (7" tall x 13" wide), the 12ga Micro-Rig is built to keep your scattergun fed while still maintaining a low profile.

The 12ga Micro-Rig features two of our innovative 12ga Pull-Out Trays attached to the face of the rig. These rigs carry 24 rounds total.

Each pouch holds six (6) rounds on the face panel in elastic loop enclosures. With a tug down on the loop at the top, the hook and loop panels that attach the face panel will separate, dropping the tray down. With a removable tether, you can decide whether or not to let the panel dangle or simply fall to the ground.

Tugging up on the loop at the top of the inside panel, which also holds six (6) rounds, will pull the panel out of the pouch. Letting the panel go will let it swing down onto the hook and loop panel below, attaching it securely.

The 12ga Micro-Rig also features a utility pouch. The pouch is meant to hold a VOK, but is more than capable of holding over 25 extra rounds of 12ga (not at the same time as the VOK) Our Medical insert tray fits perfectly with room to spare. The utility pocket also features a Velcro loop panel on the inside for easy attachment of various accessories (triple pistol mag velcro backed cards). Velcro patch on outside of Utility pocket lid for patches or to affix one of our velcro backed 12ga. cards.

Comes with standard adjustable webbing shoulder straps. We recommend adding a Slim Padded H-Harness for extra comfort and the ability to add a Hydration Carrier.

Sizing: One size fits all.

Specifications: Genuine Cordura nylon 

Left or right hand? Ordering a right hand rig means you are right hand dominate. That means the shells or mags will be on the left side of your body while wearing this is micro rig.


Available Colors: