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Cali Compliant Grocery Bag


Thanks to Senate Bill 270 (2014), plastic grocery bags are now illegal in California. (now many other states as well).

So no shit there we were, sitting in Tennessee sipping Sweet Tea Amino6 and thinking about how we can help our California customers. It became clear that we had to build a bag 32 times less gay than your standard reusable grocery bag and so American it would give Uncle Sam’s pecker stand at attention.

From the womb of pointless regulation and eco-friendly bureaucracy, the SOE CA Compliant Grocery bag was born.

No 10 day cool down period.

No Grocery Safety certificate needed.

No requirement to ship to a licenced grocery store.

Just pure American made badassery FOR THE CHILDREN.


This bad ass bag has short handles for hand carry, and long handles for shoulder carry. A flat pocket in the front will hold your grocery list, your wallet, pictures of your enemies. 

The bag has a 3" strip of velcro above the flat pocket to proudly display your offensive patches. 

We easily put two regular ammo cans in here. 


14" tall x 13" wide x 6" deep.