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Rallyman Subload

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Building on one of our all-time most popular items, the Rallyman Subload is an incredibly versatile piece of kit. Because it spans all major rifle weapons systems by carrying 7.62 NATO, AK47, or M16 magazines, the Rallyman Subload is in use by hundreds of shooters around the world where armaments can change from assignment to assignment or range to range. The expandable, multi-mission Rallyman Subload features adjustable lids secured with velcro and FSTX buckles. The pistol pouches on either side are secured with ultra-strong FSTX buckles.

Following our policy of overbuilt, abusable gear, the multi-layered laminate construction of these pouches will never wear out even after thousands of reloads conducted. They feature our standard quick drain grommet which immediately evacuates water even after complete submersion.

The leg straps are fully adjustable and built out of the strong 1,000 denier Cordura nylon we pride ourselves on. The subload will allow you quick mag changes from prone, crouching, kneeling, or whatever position you may find yourself in.

Sizing: Each main pouch may hold either three (3) M4 magazines (with or without magpuls/plates), two (2) AK47/74 magazines, two (2) FAL/M14/G3 magazines, one (1) pair of clamped MP5 magazines, or any smoke grenade. Each pistol pouch may hold any doublestack pistol magazines, a monocular, flashlight, or multitool.

Specifications: Genuine Cordura nylon.

Available Colors: