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Patrol Subload

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This is the subload that started it all! The original versions of this date back before John Willis was incorporated as Original S.O.E. Gear--back when he made things exclusively for the boys at Coronado. Based on the need for a proper combat load while keeping the chest clear for prone shooting and observations, the Original S.O.E. Gear Patrol Subload allows shooters to access magazines even while crouched behind cover or concealment, or while prone.

Our design incorporates our standard leg straps, which we believe are the best in the industry. All Patrol Subloads come standard with two dual-layered elastic straps, fully adjustable and removable.

Sizing: Carries two (2) double-stack pistol magazines and either six (6) 30 round M4 magazines, three (3) MP5 mags, a pair of clamped MP5 mags, 32 rounds of 12ga on our optional pull out trays, or two (2) 20 round 7.62x51mm magazines.

Specifications: Genuine 1000 Denier Cordura nylon.

Available Colors: