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Modular Subload

Sold out

Many missions today can change profiles from day to day. Soldiers, Marines, airmen, and sailors can require the ability to change their loadout as required, and that is where our Original S.O.E. Gear Modular Subload comes into play.

Our design offers nearly unlimited potential, and civilian and LEO customers appreciate the ability to alter their loadout based on their needs--from different training opportunities to different shooting sports. Within minutes a subload can be reconfigured from a grenadier loadout to a rifleman's load, or from a dump pouch to an EOD pouch.

Sizing: Top row of PALS is four (4) channels wide; bottom three are six (6) channels wide.

Specifications: Genuine 1000 Denier Cordura nylon. 

 These as most other subloads come with a removable hanger to attach to a belt as well as two ambidextrous leg straps.

Available Colors:

$50.00 to $60.00