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CQB Subload

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Our original and still most popular subload, in use by USN SEALs and members of nearly every service branch, as well as LEOs and civilians. The Original S.O.E. Gear CQB Subload is the ideal compact package for MOUT combat or combat training. There is no ground pounding type job that cannot make excellent use of our CQB Subload.

Accessible from prone, crouched or kneeling behind cover or concealment, or while on the move, the CQB Subload carries a basic fighting load yet remains narrow enough to be convenient even in hallways or underbrush. Our compact design comfortable and securely carries a variety of battle gear without noise or flop.

Sizing: Carries either four (4) 30 round M4 magazines, two (2) optional 16 round trays of 12ga, or three (3) MP5 magazines or a clamped pair of MP5 magazines per mag pouch ; pistol mag pouches will carry doublestack mags or a monocular, flashlight, or multitool.

come with quick detach hanger and two removable leg straps that can be set up for left or right hand use. The leg straps have two independent layers of elastic sewn independently so if one layer of elastic is cut there is still a secondary and the leg strap will still function.

Specifications: Genuine 1000 Denier Cordura nylon

Available Colors: