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Adjustable Grenade Pouch Smoke frag gas

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The Original S.O.E. Gear Adjustable Grenade Pouch is a universal pouch for any form of thrown or launched ordnance. It will house any grenade whatsoever. If your mission calls for frags, you can immediately adjust to size and securely carry them. SWAT? Flashbangs large and small including the DEFTEC 25 and CTS models will fit. Any manner of issue smoke grenade will fit as well. We've seen people safely carry 40mms and 37mms of all sorts including less-lethal rounds.

We understand your mission profile expands and changes extremely rapidly on today's fighting grounds. We make products that support the individual war fighter; we don't want your mission to conform to your gear.

Sizing: Our rapid-adjust design will accept and securely hold any manner of modern grenade.

Specifications: Genuine 1000 Denier Cordura nylon

Available Colors: