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12ga Pull-Out Pouch


Once again Original S.O.E. is on the cutting edge, this time with our 12ga Pull-Out Pouch.

Featuring the very same bomb-proof construction that has made Original S.O.E. famous throughout the years, our 12ga Pull-Out Pouch lets you carry and deploy 12 rounds of 12ga shells quickly and efficiently.

The pouch holds six (6) rounds on the face panel in elastic loop enclosures. With a tug down on the loop at the top, the hook and loop panels that attach to the face panel will seperate, dropping the tray down. With a removable tether, you can decide whether or not to let the panel dangle or simply fall to the ground.

Tugging up on the loop at the top of the inside panel, which also holds six (6) rounds, will pull the panel out of the pouch. Letting the panel go will let it swing down onto the hook and loop panel below, attaching it securely.

After reloading your shotgun with the six (6) rounds on the front of the pouch, in two quick, efficient, easy motions, you have six (6) more rounds at the ready. Cool, huh?

Yet another Original S.O.E. first; While many can imitate, none can innovate like Original S.O.E.

Sizing: Will carry six (6) rounds of 12ga in each tray for a total of 12.

Specifications: Genuine 1000 Denier Cordura nylon.

Available Colors: