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SMAK Stock Min. Aid Kit

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SMAK Stock Minimalist First Aid Kit.

These come with an attachment panel that will fit most any traditional  Rifle stock

Designed to hold:


Z-fold Quick clot

decomp needle

Cat or SOF-t T Torniquit



 Quick review by Eli Miller of the new Special Operations Equipment SMAK ( stock minimal aid kit). This was #1 off the machines yesterday after the prototype. Today I ran it through a shotgun class taught by Lee Weems.

What this is : Minimal as stated in the name. The absolute life saving basics that I cannot improvise or in the time it takes to improvise a life could be lost. A COTCCC recommended tourniquet here being a CAT series. I ran a gen 7 in mine today. The one pictured is for sizing / mock ups. A hemostatic agent with a proven delivery method. Though as I may replicate and improvise packing materials, an added hemostatic I cannot. A 14g decompression needle. Carry it or don't. It's for use by you possibly or by higher trained personnel. Hopefully in an urban area professional responders are there before it is needed. Put an NPA in its place if you rather or nothing at all.

What it is not: This is not a full blown ifak or trauma kit. Of course some will say there is no pressure bandage. Of all things that can be improvised in the field, that is the easiest. You're options for improvised packing materials are immense normally. Most everyone there should have some kind of clothing on.

What are we accomplishing : Giving you a viable option to have a CoTCCC recommend tourniquet at the ready instead of other previous options only available for non windlass equipped devices. Besides the tourniquet now you have a hemostatic agent on a carrier medium that ensures delivery to the veinules and arterioles where it is needed if you do your part.

In running it today, I found no issues in maintaining a full fighting grip or anything cheek weld related. No changes in function to a Remington 870 with Surefire forend and Hogue shorty. In one of the pics there is a standard length of pull stock so you can see how much further it would seat rear of the pistol grip. I look at it as a great addition to my boxers and beard with my shotgun should it be my something goes bump in the night gun.