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DA Magazine Pouch Gen II


Based on our DA Magazine Pouch, we have taken the design a step further by expanding the capacity to keep up with the needs of US Special Forces. These pouches carry two (2) 7.62-caliber magazines, such as FAL, M14, G3, SR25, or they carry three (3) M4 magazines.

The fundamental aspect of the DA Pouch line is their low-cut sides, provide excellent grip purchase on magazines when conducting reloads under stress or in adverse weather conditions, including while wearing thick gloves. These are ideal for shooters who can trade off some magazine protection in return for better contact with their magazines; we see them go out to shooters where poor weather is common in their area of operations.

An all new aspect is our new optional elasticized loop, which carries an additional smoke grenade.

As with all of Original S.O.E. Gear's products, we are proud to promise a lifetime warranty you will never need to use.

Sizing: Fits three (3) M4 magazines, two (2) FAL/G3/SR25/M14 magazines, smokes or flashbangs. Adjustable version can carry two (2) AK47/AK74 magazines

Specifications: Genuine 1000 Denier Cordura nylon with velcro closure.

Available Colors: