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4x Mag Shingle

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Many shooters prefer a slim, clean-faced approach to magazine pouches, and opt for our Mag Shingles. The 4x Shingle carries two pairs of USGI M4/M16 magazines side-by-side, and leaves the front of the pouches open.

Layering slim pouches in front of the shingle is a popular way to maximize lateral real estate on any rig or armor carrier. If the front is left clear, these slim magazine pouches make going prone extremely easy, even in bulky armor or cold/wet weather gear.

The Original S.O.E. 4x Shingle is built to last forever, and closes with a snap-and-velcro panel allowing for immediate opening with a pull on our up-facing tabs. The adjustable lid will fit the Magpul P-Mag with ease. You can slso fit our 12 Gauge Pull Out Trays in the pockets.

Sizing: Carries four M16 magazines.

Specifications: Genuine 1000 Denier Cordura nylon.

Available Colors: