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Battery Wallet


Stop searching for your batteries in the bottom of your ruck, pocket, or general purpose pouch! The Original S.O.E. Gear Battery Wallet is an incredibly useful piece of kit that should be on everyone's pack, vest, or belt!

If your mission or daily life requires that you carry anything operated by a battery, this is the answer. Hikers, campers, and survivalists want it for their GPS units; soldiers and police officers order them all the time to support weapon and handheld lights. Never be without batteries again. Many of our customers cannot afford the time to look through pockets for batteries, and worse still they often end up empty-handed, because the batteries are lost. Organize your power needs. Belt-mount available for duty gear; PALS for military-style MOLLE compatible gear. Toss it into packs or pouches if you don't mount it, and your batteries will still be right where you left them when you need them!

Sizing: Our standard is four CR123 batteries; specify other battery types when ordering if necessary. Please note that price may be subject to change for larger sizes.

Specifications: Genuine 1000 Denier Cordura nylon

Available Colors: