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Battery Pull-Out


With the success of our NSW Helmet Ballast system amongst the operators we designed it for, we realized the demand for quickly accessible batteries was high with many of our clients. It's no surprise that law enforcement officers and military personnel are using increasing numbers of electronic equipment in the pursuit of their occupations, from GPS to lights and lasers to radios and beyond--all of which seem to drain batteries at the wrong times.

We adapted our design to produce this stand-alone Battery Pull-Out tray and pouch, to give our customers the ability to supplement their operational loadout with an organized and easy-to-use solution to these battery-hogging devices.

We stand behind this product the same as all of our products--you have a lifetime warranty that you will never need to use.

Sizing: Carries 6 CR123 and 6 AA/AAA batteries.

Specifications: Genuine 1000 Denier Cordura nylon

Available Colors: