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Low-Profile H Suspenders


After great demand, John designed his H-Suspenders, and we truly believe they are one of the finest (if not the finest) options available to today's shooter.

Our Original S.O.E. Gear H-Suspenders provide excellent support and load-bearing capability while spreading the load out across yoru entire body, allowing your broader mass to support the load. John's design takes input from current active duty military shooters to provide a low-profile, comfortable design that is convenient to wear under any manner of vest or ruck; there is no chance of having our straps driven into your collarbones uncomfortably by the weight on top of them.

Today's shooter realizes that the base, first line gear is the most important part of surviving the fight. The support gear you select can either help or hinder your mindset, skills, and tactics. We believe our suspenders will best complement your mission.

Sizing: One size fits all.

Available Colors: