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Camo Wrapped EDC Belt

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The default setting is for typhon/typhon. Simply put into notes what colors you want. Also list buckle color preference.




DO NOT ORDER ANY OTHER ITEMS WITH THIS ITEM. Do not use a discount code with this item.


Fully wrapped camo EDC belt. Rather than using poor quality, poor looking printed webbing to achieve a fully camo belt we use cordura to wrap the entire belt and make the webbing. This takes a lot more labor and a lot of skill but make for a much better product.


Wrapped Kryptek Typhon belts will come with a black cobra buckle and black thread.


If you want contrasting thread if you need to order that additional option.



These belts come without a velcro liner. If you want a velcro liner you need to order that additional option. The velcro liner is to mate with the opposing velcro on the mounting tabs of all out belt mountable pouches to keep them from sliding side to side. If you only use plastic/kydex holsters and mag pouches you will not need the velcro liner.



If you want the velcro liner option order it here: