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Many of our customers overseas have experienced conflicts between their very unique gear loadouts and common slings. To combat the sling hangup they were experiencing with their gear, we designed our new Original S.O.E. Gear PALS Sling.

We developed numerous initial prototypes, working specifically with the attachment method--we worked on numerous quick detach designs, but many of our customers came back preferring the simplicity and security of a low profile girth hitch mount. We answered by producing the current iteration of the sling, which affixes by girth hitch to the PALS on the back of an armor carrier or vest and is routed through the shoulder wraps to the front of the vest or armor carrier. There, it interfaces to our standard connection piece; a universal webbing solution that will mount to everything from standard sling loops to sling plates to HK hook hole plates to even simply hitched around palmswells or buttstocks when no actual mounting hardware is present (as on AK47s or some shotguns).

Like all of our products, we back this with our lifetime guarantee.

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Sizing: Universal fit.

Specifications: Milspec 1" tubular nylon. 

Available Colors: