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Bungee Single Point Sling


We're proud to bring you the Original S.O.E. Gear Bungee Single Point Sling. We originally designed this for the USN SEALs, and have since found it to be an incredibly popular item. It is an excellent low-profile, no snag solution to long arms, this design is size-adjustable for armor, cold weather gear, drysuits and wetsuits, and more. The Single Point Sling is ideal for military shooters whose current sling fouls up on armor and gear too easily; a snagged weapon is no good in a gunfight. These can also increase transition to sidearm speed, and does not need to be extended for off-side shooting--an immense benefit for CQB fighters. The bungee also allows the weapon to be used for muzzle strikes. Our included mounting web will adapt to almost any weapon on the planet!

Includes Standard Sling Mount.

Sizing: Will fit all.

Specifications: Milspec 1" tubular nylon and comes with our standard sling adapter.

Available Colors: