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2 to 1 Point Convertible Sling


We finally present to you the convertible sling. It will run as a two-point sling, but can be unclipped from the front weapon mount and clipped through a D-ring attached on the back of the sling to convert it to a single point. We offer any adapter you would like or already have, including Mash hook, HK clip, webbing adapter, or 550 cord adapter.


Comes with EITHER 1 HK Clip Adapter or 1 Mash Hook Adapter


Add an optional adapter below

Sizing: One size fits all. 

Specifications: Milspec 1" tubular nylon


Ordering this sling with the HK option will get you a sling with an HK adapter on the front of the sling.Ordering with the mashhook adapter will get you a sling with a mash hook adapter on the front. If you want an additional adapter on the back of the sling you will need to order it as an additional item from this link: