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8" tall x 12" wide  x 3.5" wide.

3x4 patch of velcro and pals on both faces. Both inside walls are lined with loop velcro.

Each inside wall will hold one of our large mesh velcro backed pouches or two of the small ones.

1- 4 rifle mag velcro backed card or tool bag organizer fits perfectly as well.


PIC. 1 shown with velcro adjustable holster, velcro backed dual pistol card, velcro backed 4 rifle card.


PIC. 2 shows: large pals backed mesh pocket setting between 4 m4 mags on one wall and a pistol and 2 pistol mag on other wall.


Pic. 3 shows: 2 velcro backed 4 mag rifle cards and 1 large pals backed mesh pocket setting between them.


Pic. 4 shows: 2 small velcro backed mesh pockets on one wall and a tool bag organizer on opposite wall. Note the red/blk 6 rnd velcro backed 12ga card affixed to the front on one small mesh pocket (holding pens, pencils, pen light).