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2" Duty Belt


John Willis' famous original S.O.E. duty belts are back on the market! Double thick and reinforced with stiff stitching to carry even the heaviest military and law enforcement loads, these hard use duty belts have run the gamut from amphibious landings to CCW in the busiest cities of America. The design has only gotten better with time.  Duty belts are a 2" wide belt design to be worn as an outer belt for heavier loads.  This belt will not fit through pant loops.

Sizing: The Original S.O.E. Gear Duty Belt is sized specifically to each end-user and can be manufactured in any size. Include sizing information when ordering.

Specifications: 2" resin treated dive belt webbing. All duty belt include 1.5" loop liner.

If you want a different color of thread other than the matching color of the belt you need to add it here:

Available Colors: