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1.5" Rigid Cobra Duty Belt With Velcro Liner - Sizes 26" to 60"


This is easily one of our most popular items by a huge margin. The Original S.O.E. 2 layers of resin coated scuba webbing make for a super stiff belt that will still fit thru belt loops. Lining the inside of the belt (part near your body) with loop velcro makes it even stiffer and it prevents sliding by allowing all belt attachment SOE pouches to lock into place. This belt has a 1.5" cobra buckle.

We recommend a belt the same size as your pants. If you wear 32" pants then order a 32" belt. These belts will adjust outward several inches, but don't get much smaller than the size you order. If you are planning to lose weight soon, order a belt a size smaller than your current pant size and it will adjust outward a couple of inches to currently fit you but you will also be able to make it smaller later on.

If you want a different color of thread other than the matching color of the belt you need to add it here:

Available Colors: