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We moved from San Diego to Small town Tn 8 years ago. In San Diego the power would go out once maybe twice a year for an hour at the most. Here in TN the storms are greater and more frequent and its nothing for the power to go out once a month. Our Utility guys are great but some times things happen.

We found these puck light years ago and keep them near each door or stuck to the wall near each light switch. They come with velcro that sticks on the wall so you can pull them off and use them as a flashlight. We have them near each light with with the idea that you know where the light switches are even in the dark. We have used the same ones now for over 6 years. We have changed the 3 AAA batteries twice in that time.

I dot know how much light they put out but its more than enough to navigate the house in pitch black. I use one in the bathroom when I get up to pee in the middle of the night and its almost to bright but definitely better than turning on the lights.

Click the below link to see this item on amazon. Any purchase you make on amazon in the next 48 hours even if it’s not this item will give us a small kickback to help support the SOE compound at no cost to you at all.


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