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I run around the shop all day doing 100 different jobs. cooking, dealing with animals, running rzr’s, mowers, 4 wheelers, tractors, etc, sewing, cutting, boxing orders etc. I listen to music and podcasts most of the time. I have used many different ear buds to include cheapies, skull candy, Bose, and Beats. Once I started using the beats none of the others sounded as good. I will forget my beats or damage a pair and pick up another pair for the day or go back to my Bose and they just don’t have the same base and sound as the beats.


I have used beats for several years and been thru at least a dozen sets. Failure has usually been do to damaging the cord. Often time catching the cord on a door knob and something else and stretching it enough to fail. So this time I went wireless. They sound  Sound great. They seem to run about 3 hours which is a fair amount for as small as they are. It only takes 15 minutes to charge them. I often forget to turn them off when I am talking to someone and then get sides tracked with something else. They don’t seem to turn themselves off unless they loose the blue tooth signal from your device.  While charging I just use my wired pair then go back to the wireless once recharged. They charge off a provided use to mico usb cable that I just plug into my laptop. I use them all thru the day both inside and outside and am very happy with them. I want to say I paid considerably more than the $100.00 price I see them for now. I will buy a couple more pairs just to keep for in case and give as gifts this year for Christmas.

These look like they will fit most any war. They come with half a dozen of so different size ear pieces and some have a little rubber prong that fits into the ridge of your ear. When I saw them I didnt think I would use them but I love them. I use pus on the ear pieces and the sound would be so much better. Well these prongs do the same thing and improve the sound even more so and block out outside sound even better.

Check them out on amazon. Please use the link to Amazon on the right to make any amazon purchases and we will get a small kick back at no cost nor extra time to you.

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