Swinney Nutrition S.A.R.M. RAD-140


Class: SARM, Anabolic

What: A potent and anabolic SARM.


How: By selectively activating androgen receptors in muscle and bone, with a reduction in undesirable androgenic side effects (acne, prostate hypertrophy, etc). RAD-140 has the ability to increase muscle size, speed, stamina, endurance, and strength. Preclinical studies have also demonstrated activation of the beneficial neural pathways activated by testosterone. RAD-140, in vivo, has demonstrated neuroprotective properties comparable to testosterone, and anabolic ratio of 90:1 (anabolic to androgenic).


Results: Research at this time indicates that this would better serve one during a cut. The gains are very dry and lean. Improvements in vascularity are noteworthy. At the time of writing, many people who have used this compound successfully for gaining muscle and losing fat.


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$145.00 USD