Spent Magazine Subload

Similar to the famous SAS Dump Pouch, our Spent Magazine Subload remains ready on your thigh at all times to carry any spent magazines--or live shotgun shells--necessary. It remains one of our most popular items--we've sold these to USMC Recon, USMC SOTG, and USN SEALs amongst others, and we've seen them in action in the hands of the pros on training exercises--they work, and they work well.

We are extremely proud of our Spent Mag Pouch's extreme versatility. We've seen SOTG instructors carry loose 9mm ammunition, we've seen SEALs carrying everything from massive loadouts of 12ga breaching gear to SAW platforms. We believe these are an excellent addition to any vest or belt.

These come in several "standard" versions, which are our most popular variants. These include Spent Mag Pouch with adjustable smoke/bang/frag grenade pouches and PALS on the face, the Spent Mag Pouch with pistol mag pouches and four (4) chemlight slots, and our Modular Spent Mag Pouch, which has PALS on front and side faces for your own individual configuration.

All variants have PALS webbing on the back. All also come with a removable leg strap and belt hanger.

Sizing: Dump portion will hold either seven (7) 30 round M4 magazines, a dozen (12) 40mm grenades, a 200 round SAW box, six (6) or eight (8) flashbang grenades, at least half a dozen M67 frag grenades, or a ton of loose pistol, rifle or shotgun ammunition.

Specifications: Genuine 1000 Denier Cordura nylon, drain grommet with cover patch.

Available Styles:

  • Modular Version - Includes PALS webbing on front and sides of pouch.
  • Pistol Mag Version - Includes pistol mag pouch on each side and 4 chemlight slots.
  • Granade Version - Includes adjustable smoke/flashbang/frag granade pouch on both sides and PALS on the face

Available Colors:

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