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REL VIT C Complex

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Proper supplementation has never been more critical than right now. It's time to take responsibility for your well-being and give your body everything it needs to stay healthy and productive.*

REL's Vitamin C Complexsupplement is more than just your run of the mill Vitamin C product. Our Vitamin C Complex is a complete systematic immune-boosting stack in two easy to take caps. Like most of our products we designed this specifically for our selves. Now that public places are starting to open up and we are traveling more, we decided to take everything that we have learned from developing ONWARD's immunity support complex and put it in a heavily dosed stand-alone supplement.*

Not only does Vitamin C Complex come with a substantial 1000mg dose (1111% The Daily Recommended Serving) of Vitamin C, we also packed it full of +100% daily recommended servings of Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, and Zinc. We also added 150mg of stimulate-free Green Tea Extract to boost antioxidant support. To complete the complex, we added Organic Astragalus Powder and Bioperine® Black Pepper Extract; both are super supplements well known in the biohacking world to increase overall well-being and immune system support.*