set of four Jerry cans / Nato jerry cans

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We are currently selling these only in lots of 4. You will get one box with 4 cans. The price of $250.00 includes shipping and will be shipped via UPS. When ordering these cans do not order any other items. These cans have to be ordered as a separate order since they include the shipping in the cost. Do not order any other items with these cans. We are shipping these cans only within the United States. Discount and sales codes are not valid on these cans.
Jerry Can made of the highest quality!

Manufactured to Original Military Spec!

 These cans are real NATO Jerry Can 
not cheap knock off nato jerry can
5 gallon cans
  • Jerry can made from 0.9mm steel not from the .6mm or .8mm steel that the knock offs are manufactured from.

  • Fully paint coated inside and outside.

  • The insides are lined with petro resistant alkyd ammonia based paint to resist internal rusting.

  • The outside of the cans are powder coated that gives anti-corrosion protection.

  • Strip welding ensures handle strength and pour spout strength.

  • All seams are welded not pressed to insure leak proofing.

  • The wide full internal breather channel breather enables even splash proof pouring time of under 25 seconds!

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